Beyond Buzzwords, Sound Bites and Empty Slogans. 
Get instant access to a special free class recording to discover the number one reason everyone needs practices to create and sustain a positive body image. Hint: The beauty industry will never validate you. It's my mission to teach you what will. 

Melanie Klein, Co-Editor Yoga and Body Image. Discussion of Yoga & Body Image and Its Themes. 

We are bridging geographic divides and bringing community, collaborative learning, and discussion of the Yoga and Body Image Book and it's themes to wider audiences.
Plus, get details about my upcoming Yoga and Body Image Online Immersion.
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What will you learn in this free class?
 Where does negative body image come from and how can you avoid it? 
 How to come back to center when your confidence is being knocked by the critic in your own head.
 How to integrate & sustain personalized body-positive, self-affirming practices into your life. 
 Student Feedback
"I don't know if you realize how many lives you've truly changed in your classes, but just... on behalf of us all, thank you so much for providing us with a space to transform into healthier and happier people. My whole family loves you for it."
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